Limited Edition of 750

Overall Print Size – 35” x 24”

Special Duties

Signed by the Artist, 5 Ju52 pilots & aircrew & 2 high scoring Luftwaffe Aces

Leutnant Herbert Kaiser
Oberleutnant Gunter Seeger
Oberfeldwebel Alexander Uhlig
Major Werner Roell
Oberfeldwebel Theo Gerling
Oberleutnant Helmut Schwarz
Hauptmann Claus Semmelhaack

A Ju52 Luftflotte 2, escorted by Me109s of JG-53, transports important military personnel over the Dolomites in the summer of 1942. With the setting sun illuminating the mountain tops in a brilliant light, the panoramic vista is both chilling and spectacular. As the aircraft lumbers across the impressive mountain scenery, members of the High command can be seen in conference in the cabin, while the crew in the cockpit concentrate on their ‘Special Duties’ flight plan the Ju52 became the Luftwaffe’s primary wartime transport aircraft, taking part in every German army land operation during World War II.