American Aces Edition of 600

Overall Print Size – 30½” x 26¾”

Eagles on the Rampage

Dominating the skies over Germany, P-51s of the 4th Fighter Group – The Eagles – sweep across the cloud tops, their pilots scanning the distant horizon for any signs of the Luftwaffe. They are ready for trouble should the enemy decide to chance their luck. . . . . .Formed in September 1942 from the RAF Eagle Squadrons, the Fourth Fighter Group was the oldest fighter unit in the Eighth Air Force; Under the command of Don Blakeslee, described as ‘probably the best fighter leader of the war’, the combined air and ground victories notched up by ‘The Eagles’ during World War II surpassed any other fighter group. They were the first to penetrate German air space, and the first to engage the Luftwaffe over Berlin. Hermann Goering later remarked ‘When I saw those Mustangs over Berlin, I knew that the war was lost’.

Each print has been individually hand-signed by the Artist & 10 of the USAAF’s Aces who flew Mustangs in Europe during World War II. Together they clocked up many thousands of hours flying P-51s on operational combat missions, and amassed almost 100 victories between them:

Colonel Clarence ‘Bud’ Anderson 16¼ victories
Captain James Brooks 13 victories
Lieutenant Colonel Donald Cummings 6½ victories
Colonel Barrie S. Davis 6 victories
Lieutenant Colonel Clyde B. East 13 victories
Colonel Arthur ‘Art’ Fiedler 8 victories
Lieutenant Colonel Robert ‘Bob’ Karr 6 victories
Lieutenant General George G. Loving 5 victories
Colonel Steve Pisanos 10 victories
Major General Donald Strait 13½ victories