Limited Edition of 300

Overall Print Size – 27½” x 17″

Height & Sun

This print is Part 1 of a 3 part Tribute portfolio
Also includes:
Dawn Eagles Rising &
Opening Sky

The advantages of having height over the enemy and coming out of the sun are vividly portrayed in this print. Hurricanes of 32 Squadron are shown climbing high to prepare to attack German forces in August 1940 during the Battle of Britain.

Signed by the Artist &
Group Captain Billy Drake – 213 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Richard Jones – 64 Squadron
Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum – 92 Squadron

Also available is the Tribute Edition of 175
In addition to the three signatures of the Limited Edition, each copy of the Tribute Edition has been personally signed by 22 Battle of Britain pilots and Aircrew, making a total of 25 original signatures.

Flight Lieutenant Alexander Appleford  Spitfires / 66 Squadron
Squadron Leader Tony Iveson  Spitfires / 616 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Benjamin Bent  Blenheims / 25 Squadron
Squadron Leader Maurice Brown  Spitfires / 611 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Owen Burns  Blenheims / 235 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Joseph Chamberlain  Blenheims / 235 Squadron
Squadron Leader Kenneth Lusty  Blenheims / 25 Squadron
Group Captain Byron Duckinfield   Hurricanes / 501 Squadron
Wing Commander John Elkington  Hurricanes / 1 Squadron
Squadron Leader Robert Foster  Hurricanes / 605 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Trevor Gray  Spitfires / 64 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Albert Gregory  Blenheims / 219 Squadron
Master Pilot Leopold Heimes  Blenheims / 235 Squadron
Wing Commander Terence Kane  Spitfires / 234 Squadron
Squadron Leader Robert Kings  Hurricanes / 238 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Keith Lawrence  Spitfires / 234 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant Robin Lucas  Defiants / 141 Squadron
Squadron Leader Jocelyn Millard  Hurricanes / 1 Squadron
Wing Commander Tom Neil  Hurricanes / 249 Squadron
Group Captain Herbert Pinfold  Hurricanes / 56 Squadron
Flying Officer Kennrth Wilkinson  Spitfires / 616 Squadron
Wing Commander George Swanwick  Spitfires / 54 Squadron

Also available is the Artist Proof edition of 50
In addition to the 25 Battle of Britain Aircrew that have signed the Tribute Edition, each Artist Proof has been conservation matted to include the authentic pencil signatures of 15 of the most famous Aces that flew during the Battle of Britain, making a total of 40 distinguished members from Churchill’s famous “Few.”
Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader  Hurricanes / 242 Squadron
Group Captain Dennis David  Hurricanes / 87 Squadron
Squadron Leader ‘Buck’ Casson  Spitfires / 616 Squadron
Wing Commander John Gibson  Hurricanes / 501 Squadron
Air Vice Marshal Edward Crew  Blenheims / 604 Squadron
Commander Ronnie Hay  Fulmars / 808 Squadron
Wing Commander ‘Bunny’ Currant  Hurricanes / 605 Squadron
Wing Commander ‘Taffy’ Higginson  Hurricanes / 56 Squadron
Air Commodore Sir Archie Winskill  Spitfires / 603 Squadron
Squadron Leader John Urwin-Mann  Hurricanes / 238 Squadron
Wing Commander Peter Parrott  Hurricanes / 607 Squadron
Group Captain John Bisdee  Spitfires / 609 Squadron
Air Vice Marshal Harold Bird-Wilson  Hurricanes / 17 Squadron
Wing Commander Harbourne Stephen  Spitfires / 74 Squadron
Group Captain George Unwin  Spitfires / 19 Squadron