RAF & Commonwealth Collectors Edition of 600

Overall Print Size – 27″ x 19½”

Normandy Nemesis

When Johnnie Johnson led the Mk IX Spitfires of his 144 Canadian Wing to temporary airstrip B.3 near the village of St Croix sur Mer, a few miles inland from the Normandy beach head, they were making history. As they landed on the hastily constructed Summerfield mesh track­ing runway on D-Day plus 9, they became the first Allied air force unit to be based in former occupied Europe, and the first to operate in France after D-Day. Mk IX Spitfires of 443 Squadron RCAF, based at St Croix sur Mer tangle with a group of Fw190s whom they had encountered on a fighter sweep near Alençon, in southern Normandy on 23 June 1944. During the melée that followed, their Squadron Leader, Wally McLeod, quickly destroyed two Fw190s, whilst another Fw190 was badly damaged.

Comes with an artist signed and matching numbered copy of Robert Taylor’s new book – ‘Air Combat Paintings Volume VI’ with over 70 images and 128 pages in a gold embossed slipcase.

Print signed by the Artist &
Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob
Lieutenant General Avi Baron Mike Donnet