Limited Edition of 350

Overall Print Size – 32¾” x 23½”

Pacific Glory

One of the most successful of the P-38 equipped units was the 475th Fighter Group, ‘Satan’s Angels’, and it is the P-38s of this famous unit that are portrayed in this tribute to the American Air Forces that made Victory in the Pacific possible. It is March 1945 and the P-38s of the 475th FG are involved in a huge dogfight with Japanese Zeros over the coast of Indo-China. Flying “Pee Wee V” is Lt Ken Hart of the 431st Fighter Squadron, who has fatally damaged a Zero in a blistering head on encounter. The second P-38 – “Vickie” – belongs to Captain John ‘Rabbit’ Pietz, who would end the War an Ace with six victories.

Signed by the Artist &

Colonel Perry J. Dahl
Captain Joseph Forster
Captain Thomas Oxford