Limited Edition of 400

Overall Print Size – 30½” x 23½”


As the Allied Air Forces began their massed attack on Germany’s oil refineries, the Luftwaffe was about to hit back with a new battle tactic– the Sturmgruppe.  This print captures the scene: Closing at high speed with all cannons blazing, Unteroffizier Willi Maximowitz is seen flying his distinctive “Black 8” with IV Sturm/JG3, as he dives in to attack a formation of USAAF B-24s from the 93rd Bomb Group. The American gunners have a frightening task on their hands to fend off the attack until help arrives.

Signed by the Artist & 3 Fw 190 A-8 pilots:
Leutnant Helmut Ballewski
Leutnant Kurt Wuppermann
Oberfeldwebel Willi Reschke