Limited Edition of 125

Image Size – 75 x 56 cms

Storm Brewing

Artist signed

Simon was born in Middlesex in 1960. He studied art at Exeter College of Art and Design, graduating in 1982 with a first class honours degree. Since then he has moved from strength to strength, gaining both a national and international reputation as a unique artist of considerable talent.

His work is at once mysterious, magical and timeless. His strong imaginative paintings draw the viewer into his world, arousing a subconcious response as well as appealing the eye with their rich colours and textures. Simon takes familiar elements and arranges them in unusual and often daring compositions, creating dreamscapes, which can evoke feeling of euphoria and nostalgia or eerie foreboding. Simon prefers people to draw their own conclusions about his work and for them to relate to the painting whichever way they choose, linking the elements to their own experiences.

He has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and his work features in private collections throughout the world. He has been a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy and Royal West of England Academy, where he has recently become one of the youngest members.